"First Cut Communications takes the time to get to know us and then recommend a solution. Not one size fits all." - Bryan

"A lot of thought and effort must go into these scripts." - Lou

"Wow, the video won the campaign and the union organizers agree ." - Ginger

"First Cut has a willingness to learn the clients business " - Jimmie

"First Cut Communications is a true custom video production company." - Jon

"Matt worked with my organization providing custom and stock videos for our member companies. He also produced and shot a custom video for the organization for our marketing purposes. My dealings with him on both were consistent. He was fair in pricing and his work was timely and well done. He has a very high sense of integrity. He does what he says he will do and stands by what he says. " - Charlie

"Matt has worked with me on several projects and he is always been a real asset to the project at hand" - Rod

"He is recognized as an expert in his field (Labor and Union Awareness) and is known to be a perfectionist in his delivery of media/ communications materials. " - Jim

"Matt is fun to work with and very creative" - Susan

"Matt sees the big picture and has a clear direction in mind. It has always been a pleasure to work with Matt on projects since you know he will be organized and thorough. He understands the importance of deadlines and is true to his commitments. " - Andy

"Worth every penny and then some " - Louise

"It's kind of like buying an insurance policy." - Ray

"He is a consummate professional delivering quality product at all times. He is dependable, punctual, honest and highly recommended." - Pam

"I worked with Matt on several creative projects. His results were excellent, on time and at or below budget. The creativity of his projects were excellent. I'd work with Matt again anytime the opportunity presents." - Denny

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Matt both as a highly respected competitor and as a colleague in an association we both belong to. What I learned about Matt and always respected was his creativity, ability to grasp a problem and resolve it and his steadiness. These were also blended with a very high degree of ethics, very refreshing to find these days. " - Steve

"Matt is a consummate professional. He has provided our clients with excellent, effective video products which have been very helpful in their ongoing positive employee relations. ." - Rian

"Matt and his company are very good at delivering quality labor relations messages that are on target and well revived by the employee. The pricing was good and was always delivered on time. I would recommend him for his quality and creativeness. " - John

"Matt brought a valued service to our company and provided excellent customer service from sales call to completed product" - James

"Fabulous producer with great attention to details ." - Richard

"Matt provided excellence in helping my organization sell online, on-demand training using state of the art, customized solutions. Without his help, we would not have been able to accomplish the highly technical and robust marketing aspects of the training video initiative. I would recommend Matt to anyone needing a solid professional who is an expert in his field. Matt was thorough and responsive often exceeding my needs with his work. " - Skip

"Matt has excellent technical skills and knowledge. He coordinates complex projects with confidence and manages them to successful conclusion on time and on budget. He is very easy to work with and has excellent rapor with clients and colleagues. He is good, thorough communicator and delivers what he commits to deliver...a good 'say-do' ratio!! ." - Terry

"Cinematic scabbing. Paul French & Partners is the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer of the anti-labor movement. The LaGrange, GA firm specializes in producing custom-made films for companies trying to beat back union-organizing drives. Obviously, these docudramas have never gotten rave reviews at the AFL-CIO, but now union bosses are grumbling about the casts as well as the plots. They have discovered that the actors, carefully selected to mirror the demographics and accents of a target company's work force, are all union members themselves. While cinematic scabbing may trouble union leaders, it does not bother the actors, who insist the show must go on. "We don't deal in art." says Kit Woods, executive director of the Atlanta office of the Screen Actors Guild. "We deal in jobs." - U.S NEWS & WORLD REPORT, Oct.16,1989