Generic Videos
Generic Training from AGTS

First Cut Communication’s sister company, AGTS, provides off-the-shelf solutions to myriad training issues. When customization isn’t required, AGTS can give your employees the necessary basic messages. We have over 400 videos to help you in your general communications.

Off-the-Shelf and eLearning.

Training and education make managers more comfortable and adept at handling issues that might otherwise land them and the firm in a courtroom, facing a hostile jury.

AGTS — Audio Graphics Training Systems, Inc., a division of First Cut Communications, LLC — provides off-the-shelf Legal Compliance video management training in sensitive issues such as: Diversity, Union Avoidance, Harassment, FMLA, Workplace Violence, Interviewing, Motivation, Team Building, Leadership, Performance Evaluations, First Time Supervisory Skills and Customer Service.

Our extensive collection of award-winning management training videos, and eLearning reward participants with accurate information. AGTS training - or more appropriately education - prompts managers and employees to understand why policies and procedures have been established. Engaging facts motivate students to make use of the training, improve their performance and own well- being and reward their instructor.

Senior Management can appear on screen, demonstrating personal commitment to the principals in the training. At a minimal cost, First Cut Communications will make major or minor changes to customize most AGTS off-the-shelf video to fit your needs.
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eLearning: We offer over 75 titles that are video based with customizable posttest and completion certificates. Our LMS is SCORM compliant with full reporting capabilities. Our LMS is easily integrated with your LMS if you so desire. Pricing starts at $5.00 per person per program.

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