Survey Says

What value did First Cut Communications bring to the table? (Was it a good investment?)

Based on First Cutís knowledge of our culture, the team was able to make some great suggestions on improvements from our last video. In addition, since you are experts in communicating on this topic, you brought a wealth of knowledge on how to best communicate with our folks about this topic.

What could First Cut Communications have done better?

Honestly, nothing comes to mind. The team met our deadlines, was very professional and easy to work with and exceeded our expectations with the final project.

What did you like about the video?

We loved the ability to customize the video and have it shot in one of our stores so that it was authentic, the messaging was right on and the actors did a great job conveying the information. The video hit on all of our main points and we liked the approach of listening to folks talk about this topic rather than have it narrated.

Do you think we did a good job explaining the company and its position? (If not, what could we have done better?)

Absolutely. Again, based on having worked with us previously, your team has a thorough understanding of our company and it was evident in the final video.

What measurable results did you see?

Our Store Managers and HR Managers were very happy with the video and thought it did a great job conveying the key messages in a credible way. So far, we have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen the video and are excited to get the feedback from our new employees in the new hire survey that we ask them to complete.

What was your ROI?

For us, itís important to share our position about why we donít need a union from the first day of our relationship with new employees. We see this video as a key piece of our strategy and are confident that the video conveys our key messages very well to our people.