Positive Employee Relations and Union Avoidance

Positive Employee Relations is cultivated through years of positive, consistent and open communication. All your employees need information about the current state of your business and how that might affect them. By using proactive communication employees will have fewer surprises and they will understand factors that will affect their future.

First Cut Communications knows how to communicate with your employees.

  • We investigate and customize the right approach
  • We find the right language
  • We present the information in a way thatís educational, often entertaining, and always well-accepted

NLRB elections -- 25th Hour videos

The last communication employees receive from the company before a union election must deliver a clear message so the employees understand the importance of voting NO. So First Cut videos address specific issues, acknowledge company failings (if necessary), discuss union facts and deliver logical responses.

We employ a variety of tactics to accomplish our goal of helping you communicate the message to your employees. We always want to get to know your company and your business situation. This is often best accomplished on-site. A well-planned site visit will helps us understand how to communicate to your employees and what message needs to be communicated. Once we have done an assessment we know what program design will best fit your audience. And our results bear this out. We win the majority of our elections in the USA and in Canada even with short election cycles.

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