Don’t Just Tell ’Em, Show ’Em.
February 1, 2016

New Employees, Day One. You’ve got a lot of information to give them. Most of it is probably just words on paper or a computer screen. Retention can be minimal. Boredom can be maximum. You need an Onboarding video.

Studies have shown that nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand.

What does that have to do with you? Well, you’re selling your company, right? You want every new employee to know some great things about the place where they’re working. Tell your history, showcase your products, take them on a tour, show them where they fit in, and why they’re important – no matter what job they’re doing.


An Onboarding video can do all that and more. Key messages are delivered the same way every time. Nothing is missed, nothing is skipped. What needs emphasizing gets emphasized. They can be entertaining as well as educational. And employees will remember what they see more than what they hear.

We’re First Cut Communications, and we’ve been producing effective Onboarding videos for a long time. Our 40+ years in the labor relations business has given us great insight into what new employees are interested in knowing. Combined with the information you want them to have, videos are a cost-effective method of getting every important message across.

Call me. Let’s discuss an Onboarding video that meets and exceeds your wants, wishes and needs.