Got Dinner Plans? Cancel'Em.

Pick a Friday. Any Friday. 4:59 p.m. Youíre thinking about your dinner reservations at that little Italian place with the great fettuccini alfredo and just about to shut down your computer when you receive a fax. Surprise! A union has filed a petition. Youíve got an election in 15 days. Suddenly youíve lost your appetite for pasta.

15 days. Based on the NLRBís new rules, thatís the new norm. Youíve got half a month to earn their trust, educate employees on the perils of unionism, tell your side of the story, and convince 50% plus one they should vote ďNO.Ē

If youíre not prepared, itís gonna be a very long two weeks.

First Cut Communications has long advocated taking preventive measures. And that was before 15-day election cycles. Now, itís not only more important than ever, but essential, to be prepared. That means communicating with employees early and often. Start with an orientation video that lays out your companyís culture and explains why itís successful.

Let the message come through loudly and clearly in the same voice every time that no third party is needed. Start the union education process on Day One and continually update it. With union membership in the private sector lower than ever, many entering the workforce have no concept of unionism, its attendant rules, costs, and impact on their lives. You need to tell them.

Some of our clients do regular updates either in person or through video so that the message is always delivered just the way you want it.

Donít wait ítil you get that fax on Friday. It really ruins a weekend, not to mention a way of doing business. Think prevention. 15 days go by fast.