Employee Orientation

First impressions make a huge difference. Employees who go through a structured orientation are 69% more likely to still be employed by the company three years later.

Our employee orientation or onboarding videos deliver consistent messages that motivate through pride, while making your newly-hired employees feel good about the work they do and the company they work for. An excellent onboarding process tells employees you care about them and you are investing in their future value to your organization .

The onboarding processes can be produced at varying levels of complexity For some a simple video program is all this is required. For others we put together an entire onboarding experience utilizing eLearning and video. Orientation programs can be used to keep legacy employees abreast of changes in the company. When we meet with our clients about doing a new orientation video we commonly hear that the employees donít know about certain benefits. By using our process for a quality orientation or onboarding they are much more likely to realize value of their employment and benefits.

Topics typically covered include:

  • Company history (pride builder)
  • Facility tour
  • Community activities and sponsorship
  • The company culture
  • Benefits
  • Union-Free message

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