Election Speed: Unions Kick It Into High Gear.
January 14, 2016

April 2015. The National Labor Relations Board 24-day election amendment goes into effect.
During the next four months, the NLRB fit 31 extra elections in versus the same period a year before. 31 elections. And every one of them was a victory for the union.

Over the course of the entire year, half the elections happened in 24 days or less. 75% of the time, the union won. 140 wins compared with only 21 in 2014.

We’ve got other numbers, but if those don’t make you sit up and take notice, you might as well stop reading now and give up. Forget about putting up a fight. Just invite the union in and hand them the keys to the front door.


Is it really that bad?
We would ask you this: Do you really want to find out?

Prevention, prevention, prevention.
The most effective battle plan for a shortened election starts way before there’s even a hint of trouble. It actually begins the day new employees walk through the door. Whether you call it On-Boarding or Orientation, one of the first things new hires should know about you is how and why you’ve been successful.

That can include your history, the company culture, instilling a sense of pride, and a message about the positive way you work and the negative effects third party representation could have on your ongoing success.

It doesn’t have to be “in-your-face.”
An initial, simple “this is how we do things here” message is usually sufficient to start. From that point on, the key is regular communication. Everyone wants to be kept in the loop. If the news is good, shout it out. If it’s not so good, share that information as well. Nothing should come as a surprise to the workforce.

Steady as she goes.
Stick to the basics. Keep the lines of communication open all the time. True open door policies have probably kept more unions at bay than any other program. Will there always be disgruntled people? Sure. But if the majority feels wanted and appreciated, would-be campaigns won’t even get started.

Shortened elections are here to stay, at least with the currently structured NLRB. Don’t wait until those 24 days are looming. We can help you craft a communications plan that will make a union think twice about spending their resources against you. Call First Cut Communications. Talk is cost-effective. Elections are not.