Corporate Communications and Training

Communications and Training are essential to running a profitable business. Employees come from different backgrounds and possess different levels of employment experience When designing a training program, a thorough understanding of your employees is essential to achieving a predetermined outcome.

First Cut is a believer that consistent methodology delivers consistent results. Training can be as simple as how to install a part on an assembly line or as complex as being a first time supervisor and how to handle certain situations. We have the capability to deliver that training through a variety of conduits like eLearning, simulation training and traditional video. Furthermore, our training can provide legal proof that your employees have been properly trained.

Some of our clients who have positions that experience high turnover ask that we produce a video to be used in recruiting to acquaint job candidates with all aspects of job requirements and the working environment. This has helped applicants understand the position before the cost of hiring them and then they realize they donít like a certain aspect of the job.

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