First Cut Communications Core Values

  • A strategic understanding of communications and human resources that allows First Cut Communications to successfully produce turnkey communications projects on positive employee relations, harassment, diversity, marketing and other communications from the beginning to the end and deliver in virtually any form.

  • We listen to our Clients and come to a clear understanding of their challenges BEFORE crafting a communications solution. Thus no two projects are the same.

  • We take ownership in their project. We always have the same stake in the outcome as our customer and give every project the fierce intensity and passion that it deserves.

  • Highly professional team members who bring an average of 17+ years of experience with First Cut Communications to the projects.

  • Depth of relationship. We intend to cultivate clients not just "do projects". Our relationships with our satisfied clients extend over decades. They call us back time and again to help them communicate an important message to their business. And we do.

  • Our clients come first. And we will always go the extra mile to serve them in any way we can.

At its core, First Cut Communications is essentially in the business of emulating Paul Revere. We provide necessary and factual information to myriad audiences in an educational, effective and even entertaining way.

Our method of delivery is different than a man racing through town on horseback yelling the news, but the result is the same: We deliver the message loudly and clearly.

Here’s how we do it:

Custom labor campaign videos: For over 40 years, First Cut Communications, LLC (and its predecessor, Paul French & Partners, Inc.) has been producing highly targeted, highly successful presentations to employees in the midst of sometimes intractable labor campaigns. From “slice of life” scenarios to authoritative voice and graphic treatments, our success rate is 98% in union elections.

Custom preventive videos: Companies with foresight understand the best defense is a good offense. As part of an orientation process, or as a stand-alone presentation at a regularly schedule team/company meeting, we tell a cultural/historical story that explains why the company is successful and weaving in reasons why a third party is not good for business.

Workplace issue presentations: From sexual harassment to break room policies to new benefit explanations, we’ve cover virtually every workplace issue possible. These can be custom produced, or in some cases are available in off-the-shelf packages. And they can include video/written communications that work together to effectively present the information.

Live presentations: Sometimes, messages are best delivered by authority figures, often in conjunction with other communication vehicles (videos, posters, booklets, etc.). First Cut has the resources to craft the messaging and “put on the show” in virtually any venue.